Q&A: Booth Street Deconstruction

Why have parking operations at the Booth Street Complex been discontinued when it doesn’t look like there has been any activity on site?

Canada Lands Company discontinued parking operations to prepare the site for construction activities. The company has procured a contractor to complete the abatement, deconstruction and site remediation. In preparation of this contract, Canada Lands recently completed property maintenance works needed for the contractor. 

Is Canada Lands Company deconstructing all the buildings on the site?

Canada Lands committed to retain buildings located at 405 and 461 Rochester, 550, 552 and 562 Booth Street and portions of 568 Booth Street. Some of the interiors of these buildings will be deconstructed where required. Following this work, deconstruction of 566 Booth will begin as per approved plans.

When will deconstruction works begin?

The contractor was retained in late 2019 and has started to complete the necessary pre-construction works to secure the site, as well as the installation of appropriate fencing and setup of work staging areas.

Will there be any hazardous (dangerous) materials coming from the deconstruction activities? Will air quality be impacted?

Canada Lands Company retained a contractor to complete the abatement, deconstruction and site remediation, which will be completed following all regulatory requirements for the removal and disposal of building materials. As part of the contract oversight, Canada Lands’ engineer, DST Consulting Engineers Inc., will oversee these works to ensure all elements of construction are compliant with required regulations. The contractor will monitor air quality throughout the duration of the abatement, deconstruction and site remediation with quality assurance air monitoring completed by DST Consulting Engineers Inc.

What will Canada Lands do about disruptions related to the deconstruction, abatement and remediation work?

Canada Lands will follow all applicable municipal by-law requirements pertaining to noise and traffic and will aim to limit disruptions as much as possible. Canada Lands would like to thank the community in advance for its patience and understanding.

What is Canada Lands doing about keeping deconstruction waste out of landfills?

Canada Lands retained DST Consulting Engineers to complete a waste audit to identify a diversion program for construction waste generated as part of deconstruction activities. The contractor is required to complete and identify the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle potential of materials and is specified as part of the contract requirements. Canada Lands anticipates a minimum of 85% of waste materials will be diverted from landfills such as concrete, brick, steel and rebar, glass, wood, etc.    

How long will this deconstruction last?

Canada Lands’ work will take approximately 10 months to complete.